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Friday, November 13, 2009

Santa Barbara House Hunting Trip

Hi Everyone,

So some may still be learning of our recent news - if they missed it on Facebook. But WE'RE MOVING TO SANTA BARBARA!!! I've been offered a transfer, after one of the most grueling interviews ever, and we've accepted. The plan is pretty quick and wrought with risk since it includes transition over the holidays, but it seems like it's got really good potential for success as well. I'm currently on a house hunting trip for the weekend. In two weeks I return for my first, official day as an employee in SB. Then I'll return to Orlando a couple more times to spend time with my family (extended period over the holidays so we share the holidays with our family in northern FL) and pack up the house. Finally, Tam, Tommy, Tilden and the pets all move out the first week of January.

And we can't wait to visit family and friends in CA!!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds like some good family reunion times are in the works too!!!!!!!!!

It's been a long week since I accept the offer already. And recently a very long couple of days for me. After having set up a dozen or so appointments to view houses for rent, I think I'm already done after only one day of searching. I've seen what needs to be seen and Tam is so wonderful... She's going to trust me with making the decision. (Actually, I'm not nervous about this one. Not even a bit. I'm nothing but excited for her to see it first-hand!) ...I've only been at it for a day and I just put an end to pursuing anything else. ...Is that crazy, or what? But when you find the perfect fit, you just know it. And I found it - or maybe it found me... Must be the good Karma I picked up on the way here when I volunteered after the flight attendant asked for someone to sit in the back of the plane (next to the ca-mode) from Salt Lake City to Santa Barbara. =]

Well, after only one day I'm certain it's the right choice. And if any of you have the chance to come visit us (open-arms welcome to All) I'm sure you'll agree too!

I only really cared for three places, of which only two could best fit us. I'll share.

The first was no surprise - the estate on Pueblo Rd. It's a beautify two level house that is located up the hill a ways from upper State St. It has 5 beds & 4 baths in the main house, with another studio under the garage, and another three houses elsewhere on the property as well. It's really a compound designed to be rental property mania. And it's a beautiful compound! While the house is not as clean as I'd have expected, the walls have some real wear and tear, most of the add-on rooms you can tell were built by a carpenter that's got a crooked eye (the floors all seem to slope, dip in places, and have serious creeks, ...and the carpet is... well someone tried to clean it, but there's only so much you can do with the lowest grade carpet on the market.... So the house interior has some character... and did I mention it's big. It's so big the owner has had several special doors built to section off portions of the house so that he can lease just portions at a time - and every single room in the house has it's own door to the house exterior.

And there can be no question about why... The yard is nothing short of awesome. It's huge and gorgeous!!! Down the two levels of backyard and up the other side to walk the 10 or 12 stretched paths, consisting of pea gravel, railroad ties, large stone steps, and riverbed pebbles, set into the hillside. Exotic and natural vegetation galore. It's nothing short of having your own hillside botanical garden. And the house lends itself to enjoying that amazing garden with several very large decks, of which one has a 9 ft wooden hot-tub... Ahhhhhhhh...... It was so easy to dream of myself and family sitting in that spa during late evenings and enjoying the sounds of crickets.

Check out the pictures I took:

One afterthought... A problem with a big house and a big yard is it often means big messes requiring considerable effort to keep clean... Argh! The other realization I came across after having left is that, while the owner is rather charming in his own way, he's a bit... shall we say "creative" in his style of thinking about how to get money from people... Something to think on...

Next, was a great house worth mentioning. While it was too small for our needs, it was so charming that I have to share it. I was built in 1915 and has all dark hardwood flooring, trim, and built-in shelving. It's appropriately titled a "Craftsman" house. Take a look:

While the backyard is so small it would be criminal in my mind for us to make that any dog's backyard, and the basement with the old-fashioned storm door entrance has real character and potential for more craft building down there, the real deal-breaker is that the 3 bedroom house only has one very small bathroom that also serves as the laundry room (w/d are over/under combo). Maybe when it's just Tam and I - after the kids have gone on to have their own families, we might consider something of that construction again... Who knows?

Finally, the big surprise. I hadn't really thought much of the last listing of the day as much more than some remote potential. It's the furthest from my work location of the three here - but I'll explain why that's not a bad thing in a sec. Also, it's only 3 bedrooms and I was really hoping for 4... And, oh yeah, I was just convinced that nothing could distract me from the first house I visited. But I am so happy I took a chance and took a look anyway! When I first saw the house I almost passed it by because I just thought there's just no way that could be it... But then Joyce, the owner came running out and waving at me, indicating that I'd, indeed, found the right place. So up the driveway I went. Not as impressively long of a driveway as my original pick, but long enough and covered by trees (and everyone knows how much I love that, right?). After having parked, I quickly realized that I was in for a treat. The garage door is made with real wood slats and beautifully done. The home entrance is framed with an attached trellis/pergola and tons of vegetation. And there are windows everywhere on the house. And as I looked beyond the house I realized why. I wasn't able to tell earlier because during the drive out to the house the car was covered by all the beautiful trees (you all know how much I love that, right?). But what an amazing sight! The SB mountains right there as a God-given background that just makes you smile all the way from your lips, down deep, into your warm heart. ...I thought I was in for a tough decision then. While the original house had an amazing garden (gardener make $600/mo keeping it up), this place had an even bigger and more grand view (meet the gardener... God). And the view includes the neighbor's distant stables (500 yrds away???). And did I mention the mountains? WOW! I mean, WOW!!!

So I meet Joyce and she asks me into the house. WOW, it's beautiful! Absolutely stunning! And she is this fantastic lady with fantastic design skills... and did I mention that the house comes furnished? She'll even work with us and our furniture to meld them together for the best overall result! She's this amazingly honest, and upfront landlady. (Later on, she even shares some concern of hers that the neighbors have some construction she occasionally can just barely make out, might bother us... Talk about disclosure!) She shows me around from room to room and I'm just more and more stunned. Large closet spaces (something the original house didn't have but I was willing to overlook). Extremely clean - she even asked if I thought it was clean enough? IT WAS SPOTLESS!!! Except for a couple of crumbs on the cutting board... I kinda dig that though... Can't have a clean freak for a landlady. And very new stainless appliances. Wooden beams exposed in the vaulted ceiling (one of my favorites).

So the bad news here is that I was so stunned that I didn't take nearly enough pictures. I was just so awestruck that I forgot what I was doing...

Sorry. I'll just have to return and take more pictures for everyone I suppose.

As I'm driving away it dawns on me that there are no more street lights. I was on a somewhat windy road and I was so much more at peace with that sense of being away from the city. ...Still a stone's throw away, but... far enough away that it's just easier to let the worries melt away.

Do others out there feel like there's just too much concrete in our world these days? Does concrete and the whole industrialized building after building after... just sort of tense up your shoulders...? Yhep, I do and so after having spoken with Tam, the answer is clear. The remote house in Montecito (loosely translated, "little mountain") will be the Guttenberger (loosely translated, "good mountain" - so I'm told) home.

Joyce was told that I'd be in touch in the morning and that the answer was 99.9% yes already, but nothing was certain until my wife and I made the final decision together. But I think Joyce liked me, so I don't think she'll have any trouble waiting until the morning...

Tonight I'll sleep well, I'm pretty sure. ...Well, maybe not until I get home and am with my family again... But it's good to know that time is coming soon.

Love to All,

P.S. So, yeah, it's spooky ironic, for those of you that don't know this. The feeling I got from this last house is similar to the feeling I get when I go see my mom's house (or my dad's house, or any of my family's house) - you just know when you walk up to the front door, that you just belong there. And, YEAH, my mom's name is Joyce too. :) ...Even if she goes by "Joy" now.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The latest...

Hi All,

Well, seems like the same ole' stuff but still exciting here. Tilden is learning to stand on his own - scary since we have mostly hard floors. He's not quite gotten the hang of crawling yet, but he scoots faster than anything I've ever seen. Tam has gotten fairly involved with her mother's groups. She gets out with them a few times a week. Tommy - don't see much of him these days. It's getting warmer and that means fishing. He's tied up with a buddy of his and they seem to enjoy the same activities. By the time I get home from work, if I don't catch him rummaging through his tackle box on the way out, he's already gone. Suffice it to say, he's doing well and is happy. I've just gotten a break from a couple of long weeks at work - getting new business in the doors doesn't always allow M-F's and normal hours. But the worst of this wave is behind me. Keeping my head up though, knowing I'll be getting my new iPhone in less than a week now!!!

Tam and I have made plans to take our first cruise - cruising out to the Bahamas and getting in some snorkeling. As much as we love our kids it'll be nice to get some time to ourselves. We're excited and know we have some great folks coming to hang out with Tilden, so we're not the least bit worried about leaving. Hard to believe, eh? It's true - promise.

Haven't heard anything from the Davis camp yet. I spoke with Shannon about a week ago and SHE'S DUE ANY DAY NOW!!!

Other plans include heading west in a little over a month for Gail and Jesse's little boy's Christening. It'll be great seeing the old gang and especially those kiddo's of theirs - got their pics and some of their art in my office and can't get enough of it.

Well, 'nuff words. He's some recent pictures and some pretty fun videos. Enjoy!

Cheers Everyone!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

2008 - 01 Family Visits us in Florida

Hi Everyone,

Had a wonderful time a couple of weeks ago. Lots of family, which means goods times, good laughs, and forever memories. Unfortunately there weren't nearly enough pictures.

From 2009-01-25 Larson Visit

Check out the album: (click on the picture below)
2009-01-25 Larson Visit

I haven't said nearly enough here, but please know we miss you all and thoroughly enjoyed everyone. It's our greatest wish that everyone was comfortable and wants to return when next they can. :)

Love you all,

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The family is doing great!

Hi All,

Someone asked me how everyone is doing recently via email and I realized that I should probably update our blog with the latest. So he's what I shared:

Family is great, thanks for asking. Baby Tilden has is first two bottom teeth now. He gets in his walker and there is no safe place in the entire HOUSE! – several bumps on the noggin to show for it too. We think he’ll be crawling pretty soon, but we’re in no hurry. He’s got plenty to say, but no recognizable words. We’ve figured out ‘hello’ is his reaching out to your face, either from his walker, or if he’s facing the other way he’ll reach backwards and keep a hand resting on your cheek. Good stuff.

Big brother, Tommy, is the best ever! He’s really gotten into working with Tilden and enjoying the whole process of watching him grow up. AND he’s doing quite well in school AND he’s about to break up with his first Florida girlfriend (works fast after only having lived here for a few months). 

Mother, Tam, is doing quite well. She’s decided to put off working for a while and make more one-on-one time with Tilden for now. It took her a while to adjust to being a homemaker, but she’s really starting to enjoy it now. She’s got herself a couple of mother’s groups she visits a couple of times a week and has gotten a pretty nice routine.

Me… I really couldn’t be happier for now. With the whole transition to FL behind us – the most amazing success story ever... I’m finding that I work with excellent folks. And I’m challenged with a new area of work (Bid & Proposal and IR&D stuff), as lead engineer, so I’m pretty busy and pretty content. I’ve even been offered a couple of SEIT lead positions, so I must be making the right impressions… But, truth be told, my primary pleasure in life these days is the first five minutes after I get home and get a kiss and hug from the family – wife, kids, dog, and yeah, even the cat.

Further, we’ve even got an extended holiday practically. My grandparents are going to be out to visit from CA in just a couple of days – it’ll be their first time meeting Tilden and they couldn’t be more excited. They’re going to introduce us to family we didn’t know we had while they’re out – unreal. My Aunt Jan and Uncle Doug are also coming from MI to FL for a visit – got a screaming deal on some weekend tickets. So we’re looking forward to having some time with them. AND my mom is getting out here from OR for another visit – I think she’s gonna’ make some real progress teaching Tilden how to play cards this time.

So, all-in-all, things are busy and things are good. (Sorry if it seems I’m gushing, but times aren’t always so good, so it’s nice to have a memory to go back to when the waters are choppy.)

Hope everyone else is staying warm - you're all welcome any time... I think we're having a bit of a cold spell though - high 60's this week.


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wow!!!! What a busy past month...

It's hard to believe that Christmas has come and gone already... so fast. Well, let's see... Thanksgiving was oodles of fun. John, Jeannie and her folks joined us for Thanksgiving. Dad made a very fortunate layover and was able to share in some of the festivities before heading back to the road. Then the remainder of us managed a Phase 10 marathon that lasted to 1:30 AM. Amazing!

Afterwards I (Ty) had a business trip out to CA for the week. The great folks I work for now even encouraged an extended stay where I was able to visit with friends and family galore. It was really great to see you all and I can't wait for the next chance - miss you all already. I wished I'd taken my camera just to get a few snaps of everyone, but I just didn't get my head in the game until it was too late. I managed to squeeze in quite a bit though. First night in Santa Barbara I ran the gauntlet by walking around my old stomping grounds at UCSB. I can't believe how much I love it there. It's so incredibly beautiful there. I must have walked past by some of the most amazing, exotic trees a million times, but this time I noticed. AMAZING!!! Then I was off to downtown Santa Barbara for an ice cream and a beer. I walked State Street and ran through tons more memories before walking across an Irish Band playing old folk music. A perfect evening.

Next day, after a morning at the Daily Grind (one of my favorite coffee houses), I had business in Camarillo, where I ran into an old college/work mate of mine, Mikka Kangas. Wow, he's changed! Tuesday, was an all day workday in Santa Barbara. Lots of interesting info and good connections. Dinner (again!) in SB was at the coolest little taco stand kinda' place. I'll have to remember the name now, but it was really, really good! Boy do I miss that CA, Mexican goodness. And it almost hurts how much I miss SB. If only had another life to just sit and listen to those waves...

After another day of work in Sonoma I finally broke away and started my visit with friends and family. Lunch with Charlotte(from Atsugi, Japan!). An all-too-short evening with Grandma Guttenberger - She looked really good. Early morning breakfast and visit with cousins Rob and Angie - always spectacular (even if it's just breakfast...). A drive out to the central valley for a late lunch with cousins Kelsey and Sara - wow they always amaze me (beautiful, smart, and loving). A little further south and an evening with Gail and family. My little neice and nephew are adorable and Gail's new wife is incredible. I hope I made the right impression!!!

My visit to CA was WAY TOO SHORT. But visiting everyone did my heart good. It's too easy to get disconnected from people day-to-day, but for those special ones it's so easy to slip into reconnection. There is nothing more valuable in life. Thanks to all.

Upon returning I found Tam, Tommy, Tilden, Bizzy, Bitz, and Brie all in good spirits. Tilden worked out his firt turn-over (face down to facing up) and Tam's excited to share all the play-by-play action. He's getting bigger! The house and yard were all well taken care of - Tommy is just turning into an outstanding young man. I know he doesn't think I see the little things (he's a teenager afterall), but he's just the greatest kid. He's turning 16 soon and he's going to do fine when he gets a license. Shhhhh, don't tell him I said that... :P

Sure nuf with only a blink of an eye and it's Christmas time!!! We all got some neat stuff, but most importantly we've really been enjoying the free time together. Only one sarrowful note - we lost Bitz. He'd been having hypothyroid troubles and finally lost his liver function. We just couldn't see more vet visits with so little hope, so had to let him go. But back to happier times. Christmas day we spent with Tam's mom, aunt, uncle, and grandfather. Tam and I hadn't really had a chance to spend much time with Uncle Charlie, Aunt Ressie, and Grandpa Ed, (in fact it was my first meet), but it was a real heart-warming time. I know Lyn was pleased, to say the least, that we finally managed to gather as a family... Now she's having to figure out how/if she's going to move to FL to be closer... :) It was short, but very sweet. We've got promises to make plans in the near future and I'm already looking forward to 'em.

In just a couple of weeks now there's more fun to be had. Tommy's 16th birthday is coming!!! Grandma and Grandpa Larson will be here. There's rumor that we'll see Jan and Doug???!!! And Mom is gonna be here in just the blink of an eye. They'll be pleased to see how far Tilden has come in 6 months for sure! And, wow! has Tommy grown in just the few short months that we've been in FL. I wonder if some will even recognize 'im? :)

It seems like I just breezed through such special times. I could go on for pages at how special these last few weeks have been... but even in brevity it seems I already have. Truth is, we live for moments like these... truly.

Now time for pictures... :)

From 2008 Thanksgiving

Home Christmas Pictures:

Havana, FL and enjoying family for Christmas:

Some outdoor fun in Wakulla Springs:

Monday, November 24, 2008

Tilden learned how to make funny noises.

Hi Everyone,

Thought we'd share a fun lesson Tilden learned this weekend:

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Granny Joy visits us in FL

Here is the picture-link to our Picasa Album for a closer look:
2008-11-14 Granny Joy's Visit

(^^^ click on the picture ^^^)

Quick Random Picks

Picasa Link:

Monday, October 13, 2008

Tilden's first video

Hi Everyone,

Mentioned yesterday Tilden's crib. Check it out:


Sunday, October 12, 2008

2008 - 10 - 12 Latest Pics

Hi All,

Sorry it's been so long... We finally moved into the house and have been chasing getting settled. So far, so good! We've been taking pictures for the past few weeks with the intention of sharing. Check 'em out:

More photos at 2008-10-12 Tilden

Tilden is just super cute. He has his fussy moments. But less of those than giggles and coo's. He's been getting some time in his own crib where he finds his most beloved toy - a black and white mobile. (Wow, Miss R, you really know your stuff!!!) He just loves that thing!!! He's just starting the beginnings of reaching out to some of his other toys. Those noisy things that are fun for about a minute to adults... :) And as you can see, he able to sit, propped up, on his own. And he can stand up and carry his own weight. His balance is still coming along, but he knows "up" and "down" really well. With all that strength training... yhep you guessed it... he's growing out of clothes faster than we can put him in 'em. Amazing times...

The house is almost ready for sharing. We are really in love with just having a place of our own though - no matter what condition. All are taking a deep breath and quite content. No complaints, just happy to have things calming down.

Weather here - since everyone is so convinced it's so hot and humid here - has been awesome!!! Really, we couldn't be happier with warm and sunny with a quick down pour now and then. Albeit, the turning leaves of CO are sorely missed.

Well, that's what's new here. Hope all are happy and well. Love to all.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

2008-09-13 Tilden's First Smiles Captured

As promised (!!!) - here are some fun pictures of Tilden's first smiles. Enjoy:




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First week of school and work...

Hi Everyone,

Checking in again. Recent activity includes getting Tommy settled into his new school, Dad's in his first week at work, kitchen countertops are being replaced at the house (a granite called delicatus) this and next week, and the standard running around like crazy getting settled and trying to get the baby fed inbetween errands.

First, Tam is doing great, albeit more crazier than the rest of us now. She's really mastered getting dinner cooked, laundry done, tracking homework progress, keeping the baby fed, dry, and comfortable, doing mountains of paperwork… and all while still stuffed inside temporary housing on the minimalist of materials and resources at her disposal. Of course, she'll tell you she's not really "mastered" it, but you should see her - pretty darn amazing.

Tommy is enjoying his first week at his new school. He's met a few kids that seem to fit him well - all good natured/stay out of trouble kids. There's a pretty good mix of guys and gals. Tommy's school is about 4,000 kids large (almost a factor of two larger than his last school). Additionally, the cultural diversity in this school is far richer than his last. So his world just grew by an order of magnitude larger - pretty neat. The coursework is settling nicely. Tommy found out that he's already a grade higher in math from the change in schools, so he's pretty proud of that. He also elected to tak e AP Chemistry and WOW, what a work load! Grandpa Mark will probably appreciate Tommy's initiative there, since chemistry was his major in college.

I just started my new job. So far it's mainly been hour after hour of training courses: ethics, workplace violence, dress code, envirnomental health and safety, office ergonomics, drugs and alcohol, labor charging (a.k.a. timecards), team efficiency, etc., etc., etc. I have managed to meet a few new people. One guy, Jaun, I just met and had coffee with this morning. Real friendly guy that used to work for my previous employer too, but we'd only worked in the same circles, never actually meeting. He might be a neat guy to keep in touch with. I also have a couple of interesting fellows to work with that are helping show me the ropes. Basically, I was hired for a specific job description, but while I was in transit, the job was given to someone else. Now working for a new company, for new people, and they want me to do entirely different work than I've ever done before. It's a pretty sharp learning curve in more ways than I can even appreciate right now, but it's probably a genuine opportunity. And yeah, I'm a little miffed about the bait-and-switch and not having been told until my second day on the job, but I think if I keep my chin up, I'll meet some fantastic people and (with some luck) find opportunities I didn't even know previously exsisted. We'll see.

And last, but far from least (except maybe in stature)… Tilden is doing quite well. He's started sharing a couple of smiles - not many just a few. It's such a treat watching those very first steps toward developing a personality!!! He's eating like a horse these days too. Those early chicken legs are all but gone. Rosey cheeks that just keep getting chubbier haven't yet gotten so big that you can't see the genuine curiosity in his eyes. Fortunately that neck of his has gotten quite strong and is more than capable of scanning to whatever takes his interest now. Legs - boy has that kid got a kick. Holding him for any amount of time and you'll quickly realize this kid's got an engine. He can stand for about 30 seconds on his own and will almost jump right out of your lap if you're not careful. All in all, really fantastic and fun progress.

Sorry I don't have any pictures to share... next time.

Cheers for now,

Thursday, September 4, 2008

New to Florida

Hi Everyone!!!

First off I want to share that we miss our friends in CO. Hope you're all still planning on visiting...

Well the first week here in Orlando is behind us. Travel day was, as anticipated, absolutely crazy. Up early in the AM and saying goodbye to special friends - how's that nachos recipe coming guys??? Looking forward to the next time in FL. Then back to the house, last minute clean up and pick up the pets. Get everyone loaded in the rental truck and off we went to the airport. Left Bizzy and Bitz with Continental SmartPet - pressurized and temperature control travel (much safer for all you pet lovers out there that need to take your animals on airplanes). Then off to get on our airplane (one last cat, Brie, still with us)... Actually went quite well, except Brie couldn't help but express his disappointment with his economy class seat above his head every 30 seconds (figured he'd have kept quiet if he'd have been shoved under a first-class seat... :) Tilden, managed to charm the pilot into a picture in the cockpit to note his first flight - which Tilden managed to enjoy greatly (the greater the turbulence the sounder he slept - amazing!!!). Grabbed a car and off to our new temporary living diggs. Dropped Tam and Tilden off and back to the airport to pick up the rest of the family - no problems!!!

Rested.... And, oh boy, did we... We couldn't help but get out to see the house. This was the first time Tam and Tommy were able to lay eyes on it and, thankfully, they loved it. The inspection went off without a hitch. We closed on Friday morning (8/29).

Above is a "character" picture of Tommy after his first dip in our new pool. Yes, those are his red shorts under the towel....

It's strange, we don't have any furnishings to put in the house yet (all in storage for now) but we just can't stay away!!! We've been scheming and planning for the past few days on where we want which couch and what we need to research. Lots of driving to figure out all the different resources we like having available - Costco seems to be a big one for us... :) Got our FL driving licenses on Wednesday - also Tommy's first day in his new school (can you believe 3000 students!!!). The lic pitures are pretty bland but Tommy's first day of school was full of lots of flavor - good kids at this school. He can't remember all their names yet, but he's pretty pleased with how many he met right off. I figured he'd be pretty intimidated with how big the buildings are and how strict the rules are, but nope. So far he's pretty proud of his new school reputation.

Tilden is doing fantastic. Can you believe he's 5 weeks old??? He's looking so different from pictures we practically took yesterday!!!

Yeah, he needs constant attention and will let you know in the span of one (very loud) breath that he's in need... but he's just fantastic. Tam, Tommy, and I have settled into routines that get us where we need to go. Basically, Tam is on-call at all times to nurse. She really is enjoying it, though it is taxing. Tommy gets his morning started with shower, dog out for a walk, and whatever. Then Dad puts Tilden in the car seat and we all walk out to breakfast. I stay with Tilden armed with bottle and pacifier, while everyone else gets their food, then I get to cruise the Residence Inn buffet. We eat and discuss what's planned for the day. Then, back to another dog walk for either me or Tommy, check a diaper, and then we're off... Shopping, school, meeting with someone about work, health records, doctors, checking the pool water chemicals, getting someone to cut the lawn for a couple of months (mower's in storage), getting the auto insurance changed over to FL in the midst of hurricane weather - hahaha, like that's gonna happen... - and, oh yeah, keeping an eye on the weather. Nothing yet from the hurricanes here in Orlando. We did experience some wind and rain form Gustav, but nothing really more than mild weather. I suppose Hanna and Ike will provide us with some more excitement, but people here in Orlando (newly met neighbors) really don't worry. Apparently, the people we need to pray for are the people that live closer to the coastline.

I start work on Monday. Not sure what to expect yet - all the paperwork was mistakenly sent to our old address... And even the email promised for today didn't show - it was supposed to tell me where to report on Monday. And everyone with Lockheed is supposed to be enjoying a long, 9/80 Friday off tomorrow, so we'll see what happens. Not too worried, just amused. I'm not planning on going to work for a group that had is all working perfectly - that wouldn't really be any fun, would it. So, we'll see what happens and I report back later.

One closing comment... Sorry for the traffic jam of thoughts. It's a bit late here and lots going on. But hoping to keep in touch with all by keeping the updates going.

Love to All,

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Packing Started TODAY!!!



Just a quick blurb today... The house is getting packed today. AMAZING!!! Three very nice folks showed up right on time, got started after a quick orientation, and it looks like they'll be done packing by mid-afternoon. You won't believe how considerate and still highly efficient they are. They stop for a couple of seconds and enjoyed Tilden's 'coos' then right back to it.

They are leaving just the essentials out for Sunday and Monday. The loaders should be here on Tuesday. If they're half as efficient as today's gang, we'll miss it if we blink too slow. It's still pretty surreal right now. That's probably got a lot to do with the fact that there is so little for us to do. Some utility transfers, change-addresses for Netflix, and (most importantly) spending time with friends that will be missed.

Oh yeah!!! The CO house sold to the relocation company last night, so there's a big load off our shoulders. Funny to be renting our own home for the next couple of days - haha. :) And with all going as planned we'll own our next house by this time next week. Funny business there since the weather is acting up in FL right now, but we have faith that it'll all work out fine. If the closing date slips a bit it won't really bother us much as we'll be in temporary living for a couple of months anyway while we are having a bit of work done before moving in.

Well, hope all are well this weekend. I've to got catch up with some phone calls. FYI: My ole' high school buddy, Gail, just has his second little one a few days ago too!!!

Cheers for now,
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Tilden and his Wonderful Grandparents

Hi Again Everyone,

Just catching up with blogging again. So much has been going on. Here are pictures taken of baby Tilden (~3 weeks) and his grandmothers.

Granny Joy:

Web Album Link:

"Ma'" originally intended to arrive the 3rd, but heard that we'd had an emergency C-section. She decided to forgo planned business in Salt Lake City and arrived a day after the surprise birth. Wow - that was truly appreciated. Hope you have some good hospital memories to take home, Mom.

Grandma Lyn:

Web Album Link:

"Grandma Lyn" got in a day ealier than she'd expected too - 8/2 (I think). She passed on planned adventures of geo-chaching and drove the entire distance from Tucson to Broomfield in a single day - Wow. She brought along our dearly loved neice, Ashley. The more the merrier. Lyn stayed until just last Wednesday. She took Tommy on a geo-chaching trip over the weeknd, having a ton of fun and covering several states. It seemed like the got in some much-needed bonding time. Tam and I enjoyed a nice quiet weekend - also much needed.

Grandpa Mark was here too - flew in Thursday (7/31). Wished he could have stayed longer, but grateful for the time we got. Didn't figure out how to get the photo-ops, so we are holding him to his promise to visit in FL soon so we can get some pics then. I really enjoyed having some father-son time working on the master bath tile job with him. He really got into it and kept me going. So many tiles to cut in that shower and he busted 'em all out. Even stayed an extra day just to make sure it all got done. Good times...

Goes without saying but.... We REALLY enjoyed visiting family. Lot's of good jokes, funny emails to share, treasure hunts (Geo-Caching) and way too much cleaning in preparation of the move... Truth is we are very, very grateful for cooked meals, all the cleaning and organization, the wealth of patience, warm advice, and overall support.

Love and miss you all,

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hudson Gardens, Littleton, CO

Granny Joy is having her initial blogging lesson on Ty & Tam's space -- Two Grandmas, Tommy & Ty wandered through Hudson Gardens on a perfect CO day today! More pics at: Web Album link

Family Pictures... while we're still in CO

Hi All,

Posed for a few pictures, possibly some of our last in our Colorado home... Lots of family visiting make for the the best pictures.

That's Ashley - she's the cutest!!! Miss her already...

Check out the rest on our web album:

It was great having everyone - these are pictures Tilden will hopefully enjoy when he's old enough.

Butterfly Pavillion

Fun pictures with great company!!! Mostly we just had to get out of the house and do something. What a fun choice.

Check out the rest of our pics:

Shower Tile is Complete

The work on the shower is complete!!! One my bigger projects that's turned into a complete success. But not without lots of help. Thanks to Mom, Dad, and to Tommy (he's getting an XBOX now...) for all your help. Huge!!! Here are some pictures to share:




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This will be a project to remember. I learned lots and thoroughly enjoyed the final results - looks like the new owners will too!!! ...Wish I had the "before" pictures now...


Thursday, July 31, 2008

2007 Tilden waking up

Hi Everyone,

Tilden and Tam are doing fantastic!!!

Tam is up and walking and anxious to go home today. She is breast feeding and Tilden is responding well. There are some normal difficulties that we are working through. We've seen specialists to make sure we are getting the best possible help. The good news is that Tilden has been gaining weight.

Catching up on sleep has been fairly easy while in the hospital - the care has been nothing short of amazing here. It will certainly be an adjustment going home. We have Granny Joy here now though. She's certainly enjoying here newest grandson - "cloud 9". But making herself completely available - very reassuring with the pending transition to home.

I'm certain I haven't covered the half of it, so don't be shy about calling. We're happy as can be and are pleased to share all that we can.

Please enjoy the new pics:

Monday, July 28, 2008

July 27, 2008 - TILDEN IS BORN!!!

Hi Everyone!!!

Yhep. Tilden has joined us. He is absolutely perfect. Tam was such a trooper. And both are doing fantastic!!!

Here is a link to more pictures:

The story...

Tam and I were in Costco and sampling all that we could. :) Tam had to stop a couple of times and work through a couple of contractions. Didn't think anything of it at the time... But after we got home Tam thought about it and decided it was time to "test run" our timing of contractions - ha! we all know it wasn't really a test... She told me to get out the watch I'd just gotten the very same day just for this purpose. Sure enough she was 8 min. apart. Couple of hours later and we were 5 min.s apart and the doc told us it was time to check in to the hospital and get a monitor involved. A few hours later and we had a doctor asking if we wanted to do it "now" or see if things quited down a bit by the morning. Tam said "now" and that was that. WoW!!! What a trooper - not sure I could be that strong...

Tilden, still breach, got us all into the OR and before we knew it, we heard his cries after the perfect C-section. Doctors and nurses all checked him out and scored him the highest APGAR score CO gives!!! Though Tilden joined us two weeks ahead of his original due date, the doctor that inspected him says she wouldn't have known that he hadn't carried to full term by just looking at him.

His stats: Born 11:36 PM on 7/27/08. 7 lbs 6 oz and 19.75 in. APGAR score 8.9.

So now it's snooze time every chance we get. Feeding every couple of hours and trying to recover from a long night last night. But Tilden is stubborn about loving his sleep - already seeing some Tommy in him... :)

Tommy is in Tucson and bugging Mom for more text messages with pictures. He'd never tell me, but I think he's tortured by not being here to love on his new brother. (I've never seen a kid better with babies and youngsters than Tommy.) ...Soon, Kiddo.

All are welcome call. We are sleeping as much as possible, but we turn the phone to silent when we're unavailable. So don't worry about calling at the right or wrong times.

Love to All... More later.

Oh, and things look like they are on the verge of being under contract for selling the CO house...!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Less than two weeks to go!!!

Hi Everyone,

Can you believe it's less than two weeks away now!!! And there's been a small adjustment to our delivery date. The doctor bumped us up a day - meaning Tilden will be joining us on August 4th!!!

Tam and I went to see the doctor yesterday and attempted a external cephalic version (turning the baby head down). Tam was a real trooper - I was not easy for her. And unfortunately the procedure was unsuccessful. Tam playfully says Tilden is already taking after me - stubborn. So, that means Tam's supposed to keep up with some exercises, maybe do some somersaults in the swimming pool, and keep up hope and maybe he'll turn on his own. But, we've scheduled a c-section instead of the original induction. The good news is that whichever happens we know we have excellent care and Tilden and Tam will be safe.

So, once again, re-mark your calendars for the 4th!!! And if you've been watching the dates move from the 12th, to the 5th, and now the 4th, you might consider that there could still be yet another earlier date... Tilden might be in a rush to get here. :)

Hope all is well with everyone.

Lots of love to you all,

Sunday, July 20, 2008

We found it!!!

Hi All,

We found a house in Florida!!! We have a verbal offer we are taking. (That makes it already binding in the state of FL.) So we are working the paper contract, getting inspections, and all that other fun stuff. But the news is we found our new home!!!

The address:
(you can Google it if you like…)

Here are some of the highlights that interested us:
• One of the top high schools in the state!!!
• An enclosed (screened-in) pool that is joined by the house interior great room by a bay window and a three panel sliding glass door (like the pool is part of the living space!!!)
• Guest room available for all those interested
• A charming long-ish driveway.
• Big (tall and broad) trees that shade the entire property
• Just a short walk to a very nice lake
• An even shorter walk to a big open space for the dog to run
• And just charming all over…

Check out the pictures:

01 - Front Exterior

02 - Living Room

03 - Family Room (Great Room)

04 - Kitchen

05 - Kitchen (looking into Family Room)

06 - Guest Room (look inviting?)

07 - Master Bed

08 - Master Bath

09 - Bath Room

10 - Back Yard Pool

Tam wasn’t able to make this trip because she’s JUST TWO WEEKS AWAY!!! But we fell in love with a house that was just a couple of blocks away that has the exact same floor plan. Except this one’s better… So I’m pretty certain that we’ll all be very happy with it. I feel bad that she didn’t get to see this one, but we did so well agreeing on all the things we liked and didn’t like about each house on our last trip that I just can’t see her not loving this house as much as I already do.

Can’t wait for everyone to come visit!!!

Cheers for now,

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Guess what? More news!!!

More news from Colorado… First thing is first – Tam now has 6 weeks to go! (She made me put the exclamation mark.) We are still very much looking forward to meeting our new son. We’ve been to birthing classes and have seen the birthing center we plan to visit on August 5th – extremely nice. Tommy is anxiously… bored with the whole thing (on the outside…). I suspect he’s pretty excited though. Lately he’s been pretty focused on his short-term job with Broomfield Parks and Rec. – his first paying job!!! Way to go kiddo!

Next is our latest news. We are presently flying back from Florida as we are going to be moving there in late August!!! Yhep. I just accepted an offer with Lockheed Martin and it’s an offer not to be refused. While the position is a nice career move, who can resist the opportunity to tell their friends and family “We’re having a baby and moving to Disney World!”? Tam’s just started telling people at work. Looks like they’ll be able to work a simple transfer for her (gotta update our blog link so that we’re both using hers…). If she doesn’t need to start working right away they’ll put her on a leave of absence and she can start in FL when the time is right. I haven’t told many at my work yet. It’s just a tad bit more awkward since we aren’t due to leave for a couple of months yet.

Like I said earlier we are presently flying back from FL – meaning we have already started house hunting. We’ve found the coolest neighborhoods with the help of our new agent, Claudia Miller (highly recommended if you’re ever in the neighborhood!). Even put a bid in on a beautiful home, though we quickly got outbid and had to let it go. We are still looking though. Looks like we are headed for the Doctor Phillips area in SW Orlando. You might ask what kind of house we’re looking for… Our next home is going to be in an older neighborhood (lots of big trees), definitely have a swimming pool, and a forth bedroom for our welcome guests. We saw lots of grand homes, but we’ve found that we prefer charming, heart-warming ones.

Even though we didn’t get a contract formalized this trip, it was still very productive. First is the adjustment to the new setting. Yhep, the summers are a bit warm and humid, but really not that bad (from the 5 day experience we shared). It’s soooooo green!!!! That’s the big adjustment. There are trees of all kinds (palm trees galore) and grass everywhere. There’s tons to do and lots of funny people to watch – people watching being one of our favorite, guilty pleasures. We did managed to find two really comfortable neighborhoods and visited some local parks and overall just got a feel for the local area. Check out the gator pic we got in one of our local ponds. ;)

We even got out to the east-side coast for a day. Cocoa Beach and Daytona Beach are not more than an hour’s drive from where we’ll be calling ‘home’. Looks like Tampa is just a little longer drive on the west-side too (next trip).

Headed back to Colorado now. I’m taking the next couple of weeks off from work to get things in order for the sale of our beloved home. It will be sorely missed. Finished the deck (just a couple of paint touchups left) and getting ready to put lots of tile in – accelerating the original plan. Carpet is going into the rooms originally planned for hardwood – oh well. The nursery was enough to whet my whistle for the next time. Should look real sharp for prospective buyers. Unfortunately we’ll be showing the house when Grandma’s and Grandpa are due to visit for Tilden’s arrival. The good news is that the house will look nice for visiting family – the bad news is that we’ll have to keep it that way…

Lots to do for the next few months. LOTS!!! (there’s that requested explanation mark again…) But we’re happy to call it an adventure. I was a bit worried that I’d gotten the family in a bit deep, but Tam and Tommy seem pretty pleased. Tam loves the idea of getting back into SCUBA – this time Tommy will be old enough to join us. And all Tommy’s friends are jealous that he’s moving to FL – saying he’s “spoiled”. The timing is about right if we’re going to do it. Tommy will be starting his sophomore year – any later and it would probably have been a bit tougher on him. Tam is looking forward to the changes to fresh work and rebalancing work/life – part-time work for her possibly. She’s okay with the heat and says she’ll take the heat of the beach over the freezing wind of the winter any day. Me, I’m just feeling lucky to have a family that indulges me with moving every so often. That’s a pretty amazing gift.

Cheers for now!
Ty & Tam

Friday, May 30, 2008


While Tam's taking a nap I thought I'd sneak in another blog entry.

See if you can't figure out the story just by looking at the pictures...

"Oh! Here you are, out enjoying the nice weather."

"Wait. What have you been doing to our deck? Well, if you think you got a handle on this one..."

"Let's see what else is going on back here."

"Nice... getting lots of sun these days."

"And look at some of that color!"

"Grrr.. Rough. Guess which ones are my favorites?"



Is that the story you saw too?

Well, as you might guess we are out trying to 'smell the roses'. It hasn't escaped us how moments like this (just the two of us) are precious.

Also, here's a preview of the refinished deck. In a few weeks there will be a nice painted deck and a fantastic gazebo for shade going in. Should help out with enjoying the outdoors with sensitive baby skin a little easier too... I can almost see our guests enjoying it with us too - hint, hint. ;}

Cheers again!